Wednesday, March 3

Ghana Medical Association demands arrest of persons involved in the installation of new Okuapemhene

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA)  is demanding the arrest and prosecution of all persons involved in the installation of a new chief at Akropong-Akuapem in the Eastern Region. 

The installation took place despite the ban on social gathering on Friday. So far, 4 sub-chiefs have been arrested and are assisting the police in their investigations. 

The General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Justice Yankson said the police must act without fear or favor.

 “I think whoever gave the order for the police to provide protection for the chiefs and their subjects has to answer for it””The Regional and the National House of Chiefs must also condemn this because clearly what took place is a clear disrespect to the President’s directive on social gathering and the country must act on this to serve as deterrent to others,” Dr. Yankson said

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