Friday, March 5

Seek Allah’s intervention against COVID-19 pandemic -COMOG

The Coalition of Muslim Organisations, Ghana (COMOG) has urged Muslims across the country to use this year’s month of Ramadan to renew their relationship with Allah and turn to him to lift the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19) disease which has afflicted the world. 

Muslims across the world last Friday embarked on a month-long fasting exercise in line with Islamic teachings to fulfill Ramadan, one of the five pillars of Islam. 

In a statement issued in Accra and signed by the General Secretary of COMOG, Shadadu Mohammed, the organisation urged the citizenry to strictly adhere to the safety measures rolled out by government to halt the spread of the disease. 

“Let us use this opportunity to strengthen our connection with our Maker, contemplate on our lives, seek forgiveness for the past wrongs and promise never to return to such negative ways. 

“Let us also seize this rare opportunity to spend quality and productive time with our families. Let us engage in much Zikr (remembrance) of Allah and beseech Allah’s Rahma upon humanity, to lift this Covid-19 pandemic from us, for indeed none but Allah can save us from this Fitnah (trial). 

“Let us also remember to share what we have of food and provisions with the poor and destitute, who must be facing more hardships in the face of Covid-19,” the statement said. 

According to the COMOG, the month-long religious exercise offers Muslims a blessed opportunity to rid themselves of negative addiction and harmful practices that may have bedeviled them in the past. 

 Stressing the need for the citizenry to follow the preventive protocols like wearing nose masks, observing social distancing, and “most importantly staying home” amongst others, the COMOG believes these trying moments would also be a thing of the past. 

“If an adversity has afflicted you, an adversity like it has also afflicted the (unbelieving) people; and we bring these days to men by turns, and that Allah may know those who believe and take witnesses from among you; and Allah does not love the unjust.

“And that He may purge those who believe and deprive the unbelievers of blessings,” the COMOG quoted Quran,3:140-141 as saying to underscore conviction that these ‘trying times’ would past.  

The organisation called on Muslims to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the Ramadan to re-dedicate themselves to tolerance and unity in the Muslim leadership front.

“COMOG entreats all stakeholders in the Muslim leadership front to double their efforts towards making the Muslim leadership framework adopted in the recent conference held on February 21-23 a reality before events overtake the Muslim Ummah and the nation as a whole,” the statement advocated. 

It further called on the larger citizenry to use the opportunity offered by the Ramadan period to pray fervently for divine guidance for the leadership of the country, the prosperity as well as maintenance and enhancement of the existing peace and stability especially in the impending elections.

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